MOLI is a Quality and Operations Assistant for Advanced Manufacturing.

She helps you and your team train, assess, certify, document, and communicate — so you can make a quality product, pass your audits, and strengthen your company.

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Key Features

MOLI: Multi-Operation Lean Intelligence

Electronic Work Instructions (EWI)

Auditable, verifiable, on-the-job training and work instructions for parts, tasks, and procedures — including training verification and assessments. Supports ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 training verification and assessment.

Operator Forms

Replace your paper forms and manual data entry with touch-driven electronic forms that integrate with your existing ERP or Document Management System.

Job Pack + Work Log (eDHR)

Build a complete record of all Job information, changes, and actions that works for production and auditing.

Targeted Plant-Wide Alerts

Immediate shop-floor notification of quality issues and other messaging — without having to "go print this out and tape it to the machine"!

Supervisor Escalations

Empower operators to escalate issues to supervisors, with full resolution logging.

6-Minute MOLI for MedTech Feature Walkthrough

What Else?

Visitor Kiosk

Replace your paper logbook and sign-in procedure with a touchscreen that allows visitors to sign in / sign out — including options for ID badging, signing an NDA, package delivery, package pickup, and many other common tasks.

Digital Signage

Turn any TV into live digital signage, displaying job status, training status, alerts, visitors, and more. Push content out to screens individually or in groups to control important communications with ease.

Audited and Verified

Every action is securely and permanently logged, with full filtering and exporting options — making internal and external audits a breeze.

Plays Well With Others

With integrations available with many popular ERP and Document Management systems, MOLI enhances and solidifies your investment in the right tools.

Batteries Included

Partnerships with Elo Touch Solutions, Wasp Barcode Technologies, and Intel Corporation ensure reliable hardware integration.

Unconstrain the Safety Zone

MOLI's compact Kiosk form-factor takes up less floor space than podiums, tables, and paper-based job travelers.

90 Day Pilot Program

Put MOLI to Work in Your Factory

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Your Pilot Includes:

  • Full license for 1 Work Center Kiosk
  • Unlimited number of user accounts
  • Complete Kiosk hardware, including
    • Touchscreen: ELO I-Series 21.5” or 10.1" AiO
    • Mount: Wall mount, pole mount, tabletop stand, or floor stand
    • Barcode Reader: Integrated ELO or standalone Wasp 2D scanner
  • Setup of instructions templates
  • 1-on-1 training with your designated Instructions Authors
  • Full access to all customer support and training resources
  • Integration with existing ERP / MRP investment through our Engineering Partnership program

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